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Our bots don't just talk, they are more than that. We take AI & bots to the next level!

Our bot is cheap to build & cheapest to maintain, only pay for your usage. We made chatbots affordable for everyone!

About Shobdobots

We are Team Shobdo. We love Shobdo (Words). We code to create connection between Artificial Intelligence and human using Natural Language Processing and that's why, we love building Chatbots!

Shobdo Chatbot Builder

We have the ultimate bot-builder combining all the features to build the best Chatbot, no matter how complex or how unique it is. From sending media items, to building button based journey, everything you can build by simply drag n drop on our builder dashboard!

Research & Bot Designing

We launched lots of social bots, with each social bot we researched and understood how an AI should interact with mass people, from button clicking to conversational expert.

Artificial intelligence

Our AI is designed to handle all sorts of user, naive to expert. We merge live agents with Artificial Intelligence to better handle every sorts of scenarios. And yeah, our Artificial Intelligence keeps learning from every interaction it have with user and gets better every day.

Natural Language Processing

Bangla is a beautiful language, often typed in Banglish. We researched on Bangla, Banglish & English language and built an state of art NLP model, that can serve all of them in parallel!

E-Commerce Features

Before diving into pricing plan, Let's see what you're going to get from it!

We will connect your eCommerce Chatbot to your Facebook Page in just 1 Day.

Confused how these works? You can take 10 days trial too.

Pricing Plan

Get Started with Registration fee of only BDT 2500, deploy readymade bot.

And run your bot as long as you want with monthly subscription fee + order processing fee as below.

Yes, you guessed it right. This pricing is the cheapest in market.